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Bae > Bay
When I pray poker I just throw arr my chips in. Herro, I'm yerro just rike Homer Simpson. I smoke coke, it's fun. You think I joking man? I made a rot of money on Pokeman. Imma Korean.
Anonymous #C389
My Husband is looking at Rule 34 of The Owl House characters in Pony Costumes.

It was bad enough when he was looking at Genshin stuff…

Help! What are these horrors of the world! I want my Husband to go to Heaven
Anonymous #C389
@Dex Stewart
Why are you encouraging my husband's satanic ways he is summoning evil spirits in our house and I'm trying to speak in tongues to get them out
Anonymous #6A1E
@Anonymous #C389
I'm not encouraging him nor his insanity. Speaking in Tongues? KEK! Utter bullshit clownery! As if your Godman even existed to begin with, dear delusional, brainwashed and indoctrinated thought-slave. Your husband's highly unorthodox and weird behavior that you speak of is not something I'm going to take at face value! Really, how do we know that you aren't just flat out fibbing, or at most, exaggerating certain details here and there about your husband's mental and emotional ordeals, eh? Even if there are spirits being summoned into your house, how do you know that they are truly evil and diabolical? Oh, and why not send pics with your smartphone or digital camera, and maybe also take audio recordings of what is going on over there. Your written testimony and account is NOT immune to investigation.
Anonymous #CCA1
Captions time:

I don't think a hazmat suit is needed.

Heh, yeah you could cut the tension with a knife, eh?

Oh? You know him?

You showing your cards tells me that you are young.

Dude, you are talking to yourself without realizing it.

Wait what? What's happening?

Sure like to be flashy, don't they?

The goal of UNATCO is not conquest. It is the safety of ordinary people like yourself.

It's up to you, Goku.
Anonymous #C389
Great my Husband is playing the Pony Milking Game again

Seriously, should I get a divorce??
Anonymous #C389
@Dex Stewart
Hey it's the Husband and oh I love her I watch the Owl House everyday and I love her so much cums on the TV My wife is so rude she doesn't understand this Godess saved me
Anonymous #CCA1


You secretly want to be just like me.

You are ripping it, UP!
Anonymous #C389
@Anonymous #CCA1
Eda can make me her little pony and I wouldn't be complaining!!

And I'm divorcing my wife soon and she's still speaking in tongues and yelling and Neighborhood Teenagers are calling her "Karen"
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