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Adan Druego
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

I, too, fear that if President Trump wins this election there will be riots and other misconduct nationwide. I, personally, want him to win. I don't want those whatever they call themselves, liberals or leftists, to gain even more power. They are ruining civilization.

Remember after the last election, there was a day of "mourning" for Trump's victory over Clinton. And that was in some college or university, what I'm saying is, a higher education facility. It was the teachers or professors who chose to not teach that day and many of the students felt the same way. I remember seeing it on the news, a female student was complaining about their behavior stating that she pays money to go there and learn, so teach, don't waste her money with their feelings of grief and sorrow. She also stated that her candidate had just won the election, so she had nothing to feel down about.

This time those "people" will be that much worse.
Anonymous #5F71
@Officer Hotpants
No, just Pencils, aka the guy from the Anon and Pie sisters comic posted on /mlp/, which was hated by Derpi users (because he was a dirty 4channer) but they still faved his images whenever they had asses, tits and that furry catgirl he added later because their junk always overrides their brains.

They can't stop themselves from hating and mocking him despite their claims about them being such nice people who never did anything bad.
Adan Druego
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained


[16-Jun-20 04:48 PM] Teaspoon#9532
Oh, that's why they followed me

[16-Jun-20 04:48 PM] Teaspoon#9532
Thought it was odd

[16-Jun-20 04:49 PM] Itsthinking#8251
I'm always amused by /mlp/ and how they think we don't have staff that go there

[16-Jun-20 04:49 PM] Itsthinking#8251
Like did they think they would be sneaky about this?

[16-Jun-20 04:50 PM] Teaspoon#9532
Dude they're on 4chan, you gotta be an elite hacker to post on 4chan

[16-Jun-20 04:51 PM] Teaspoon#9532
We're just normie scrubs trapped in our liberal SJW echochamber and would literally meltdown if we read through 3 full posts of true free thinkers on 4chan

Here they're mostly focusing on Ponybooru, but they'd been discussing other "altboorus" as well.

[08-Jul-20 06:53 PM] WiFiWitch#6285
Well hope they enjoy digging their own grave

[08-Jul-20 06:53 PM] Raptorshy#6268
Technically it would escalate to more but I'm keeping things light right now

[08-Jul-20 06:53 PM] WiFiWitch#6285
that's fair

[08-Jul-20 06:54 PM] WiFiWitch#6285
I should vector that some day ( :zombiepony: digging his own grave,not ponybooru related)

[08-Jul-20 06:54 PM] Mikey#7286
O hand cock

[08-Jul-20 06:54 PM] Mikey#7286

[08-Jul-20 06:54 PM] Aureai#8851
I just hope this can give a slightly better reputation to Derpibooru in these times for actually respecting its community without abusive rules :shrugpony:

[08-Jul-20 06:55 PM] WiFiWitch#6285

[08-Jul-20 06:55 PM] WiFiWitch#6285
they call us mean and then they openly mock artists/users and add more rules and some people actually think that's better and nicer somehow

[08-Jul-20 06:56 PM] WiFiWitch#6285
starting to think that it's mainly a case of "it's okay if we do it"

[08-Jul-20 06:56 PM] Mikey#7286

[08-Jul-20 06:57 PM] wren#0114
who is "they" though in this case

[08-Jul-20 06:57 PM] wren#0114
there's a lot of ppl trying to make similar boorus now, and most really don't agree with each others' approaches

[08-Jul-20 06:57 PM] Joey#9000
"Someone should upload Dilarus's art to ponybooru" — don't. The goal is for ya to not be the bad guys. That's kinda a dick thing to do

[08-Jul-20 06:57 PM] WiFiWitch#6285
no one is doing anything

[08-Jul-20 06:57 PM] WiFiWitch#6285
just observing

[08-Jul-20 06:57 PM] WiFiWitch#6285
I liken it to birdwatching

[08-Jul-20 06:58 PM] Aureai#8851
My problem with these new sites that are emerging is that they exist because of either "hate" or just for being against something, while Derpi born from other ideals, I guess

[08-Jul-20 06:58 PM] WiFiWitch#6285
Just without feeding them

[08-Jul-20 06:58 PM] Raptorshy#6268
It's definitely something that feels like it's going to burn out by itself.

[08-Jul-20 06:58 PM] WiFiWitch#6285
It is not very fruitful to create something out of spite

[08-Jul-20 06:58 PM] WiFiWitch#6285

[08-Jul-20 06:58 PM] WiFiWitch#6285
But that's their choice and problem

[08-Jul-20 06:59 PM] Aureai#8851
And ironically two of these sites uses technology that Derpi staff built from zero

[08-Jul-20 06:59 PM] IAmADeliciousPotato#0598
Yeah Joey don't worry I haven't even made an account on there yet; I'm just speculating on how the two would mix (aka like oil and water)

[08-Jul-20 06:59 PM] wren#0114

[08-Jul-20 07:00 PM] Aureai#8851
Not that it's wrong because that's why the Philomena project exists now but it just feels off in a way given the context
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

it would surprise me if derpi staff someone did not "spy" this thread like they did with the evil hacker organization known as 4chan

in wich case, to whoever is the spy today, say hi to arma and call him a furry for me
Anonymous #5F71
@Officer Hotpants
If I remember correctly, /mlp/ had some caps of Its Thinking, Byte, Joey, Ciaran, TSP, Mikey and Luna mocking /mlp/ and bragging about how they always "spied" what /mlp/ was up to and how proud of themselves they felt for going there to shitpost, derail threads and piss everyone off as /mlp/'s punishment for having the wrong opinions and not being as nice and mature as them.

/mlp/ already knew of this because they always used the same rude and condescending tone they use on Derpibooru, down to the same stock insults and baiting they used on similar discussions about same topics, plus /mlp/ also knows that Derpi's staff has some pet users (all autistic, to boot) who also feel like they are being good people for going to /mlp/ to vandalize threads and being annoying. For example, two infamous autists loved to target Pencils' comic threads, and there's another autist users who admited being behind of all the Starlight Glimmer threads that flood the place all the time, just to name a few examples.

And since they all have the grace and intelligence of a drunken ox, they can't help but talk about it reveal themselves all the time, like this people here:

This was brought to Derpi's staff at least once and their reply was that they wouldn't do anything because they don't care about what their users do outside of the site, which contradicts TSP's obsession to monitor and punish users for everything they do offsite.
Posted Report
Anonymous #B19F
I'm pretty sure them or their pets lurk this place from time to time.
I mean, I know certain users talks about how "bad" is this place in Derpi.
Most of them just spent a few days here and then they were back at Derpi.
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