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It's not an appeal to emotion, it's the whole point of defamation, slander, and harassment laws that have existed for centuries. Jones has unequivocally intentionally inflicted harm on these people, including permanent financial harm, for monetary gain, while knowing that what he was saying was a lie.

As for the building, you must be cosmically retarded if you actually believe its demolition would have been prompted by any sort of desire to "hide evidence". Do you think some super sleuth could have deduced the whole thing was a sham by just walking through the corridors and measuring the room sizes? That, somehow, the Bill Gates and Clinton funded Mossad agents would have forgotten to wear gloves and left fingerprints everywhere?

@Anonymous #2A4C
If the retard actually did the killing, as we've been told for years, then the security tapes showing him on the premises should be released to the public so they can see, once and for all, undeniable proof that it was him and him alone. But oh no, we can't even see him walking in the hallways because that's somehow glorifying the murder of innocent children.
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Reuters mocked for fact-checking video of Biden following ice cream truck
Reuters was mocked after the news service fact-checked a clearly edited video of President Biden following the sounds of an ice cream truck in what many see as an obvious meme.

The wire service “debunked” a viral video of Biden seemingly getting distracted and lured away by an ice cream truck jingle while first lady Jill Biden was giving a speech at a middle school in Washington, DC.

Reuters Fact Check said the video “has been digitally edited to include music usually played by an ice cream truck.”

The original, unedited video was posted on Sept. 10, 2021, by C-SPAN. It shows the president walking away from his spot on stage next to the first lady momentarily without the familiar jingle.

Biden is widely known as a lover of the cold dairy treat and many social media users found the spoof video amusing. The edited video was initially posted the same day as the authentic version, but only went viral this week when it was reposted by another Twitter user.

President Biden is widely known as a lover of ice cream and many social media users found the spoof video amusing.
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Many social users were incredulous that Reuters published a serious fact check of the mock video.

“oh for Pete’s sake,” conservative editor Jeryl Bier tweeted in response.

“Are we at a place where humor/parody escape us?” another person tweeted. “Sheesh.”

“Thanks, Reuters. I never would have realized that this joke meme wasn’t real without your guidance,” journalist Mike LaChance wrote.

Reuters “debunked” a viral video of Biden seemingly getting distracted and lured away by an ice cream truck jingle.

Some found that Reuters’ fact-check made the meme even more comical.

“One of the main news organizations in the world has fact checked a meme. lol,” a fourth person tweeted.
More evidence that “journalists” have traded whatever little integrity and credibility they had left for the cop-out of “fact checking”, which they use to avoid doing real journalistic work in favor of seeming that they do.
Anonymous #D588
@Anonymous #AB36
No, it's just evidence that there are genuinely enough people that would believe this is real after seeing it shared on their neighborhood Facebook page or sent to the family WhatsApp group. Not everyone is as terminally online as you or the random twitter hawks that don't miss a chance to tweet out another "slam" every 30 minutes.
Anonymous #130D
It's always funny when Russians try to give hot takes about "freedoms" in other countries.

The trial is over defamation and financial damages. Jones talked shit and got hit, fucked around and found out, broke the law and now the law's coming for him; all things that your type seem to love when it happens to lefties.
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Alex Jones ordered to pay $45.2 M in punitive damages to Sandy Hook parents

Fuck the parents.

“I ask that with your verdict, you not only take Alex Jones’ platform that he talks about away. I ask that you make sure that he can’t rebuild the platform. That’s what matters,” lawyer Wesley Ball said. “That is punishment, that is deterrence.”

In other news E-THOT Becky Holt, 34, has the most heavily tattooed vagina in the world, and claims that makes her 'brave'.

"Almost a month on, Holt’s vagina is still “swollen” and she isn’t able to have sex with her partner, Ben. "

Good. Her vagina should be closed permanently.

Her entire body (which is hideous, by the way, alluding to what I said earlier about people getting uglier), is covered head to toe in totally random shit tattoos because she's a fucking freak. Her "partner" has a baby face on an adult body and he creeps me out. It says he's her boyfriend, meaning she's a deadbeat single mother who is the single biggest reason society has collapsed.
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Been here for over a year, there are at least 4 very distinct anons that think you two russky cringelords are morons,and I'm only one of them. If you have a problem with how the site tracks or allows anon posters, take it up with the mods.
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Controversial BLM activist Shaun King’s PAC paid over $40K for guard dog: report
Controversial activist Shaun King’s progressive political action committee paid a California breeder more than $40,000 for a hulking guard dog — but he apparently returned the powerful pooch because it had “too much energy,” according to a report Monday.

The Grassroots Law PAC made a pair of payments to Potrero Performance Dogs that included a $10,000 “contractor deposit” on Dec. 6, Federal Election Commission Records show.

About two months later, the PAC — which seeks to “end oppressive policing, incarceration and injustice” — paid Potrero another $30,650, the records show.

Within days, King posted on Facebook that he’d welcomed a “new member of the King family” — a mastiff named “Marz,” the Washington Free Beacon said.

King’s post, which is no longer publicly accessible, said Marz would serve double-duty providing “alertness and protection” and as a family pet, according to the Free Beacon.

But another since-deleted post on Potrero’s Instagram page earlier this month reportedly showed the dog at an American Kennel Club competition where it won “Best in Show,” with the breeder noting that “he’s got a little too much energy to be a family dog so he came back.”

According to Potrero’s website, it specializes in breeding Cane Corsos, an Italian breed of mastiff which the AKC says trace their lineage to ancient Rome, where the dogs were used as bodyguards.

The “intimidating creatures” stand nearly 28 inches at the shoulder and often weigh more than 100 pounds, “with a large head, alert expression, and muscles rippling beneath their short, stiff coat,” according to the AKC.

The $40,000-plus that Grassroots Law PAC apparently spent on Marz is nearly equal to the $56,000 in contributions it made to non-federal political candidates in 2021, according to the Free Beacon.

Grassroots Law PAC is an arm of the Grassroots Law Project, which King co-founded with civil rights lawyer Lee Merritt, according to its website.

“This luxury dog expense may not be illegal for a PAC, but it shows little respect for King’s donors,” Scott Walter of the Capital Research Center think tank told the Free Beacon.

King, who made a name for himself amid the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement, has repeatedly faced scrutiny over his fundraising efforts and financial dealings, including being accused of soliciting money in the name of 12-year-old police shooting victim Tamir Rice without his mother’s permission.

“Personally I don’t understand how you sleep at night,” grieving mom Samaria Rice wrote on Instagram last year.

Rice also called King — who lives in a lavish, lakefront home in New Jersey — “a selfish self-centered person” and warned that “God will deal with you.”

In 2019, King arranged for a “team of experts” to review the $34.5 million he’d raised since the Black Lives Matter movement began and gave them “an unfettered look at his finances,” according to a post on the Medium website.

“In short, we find absolutely no evidence that Shaun has ever inappropriately accessed any funds that he has raised,” the Shaun King Financial Review Board wrote.

“We searched and we asked. Not one single family, charity, cause or campaign said Shaun was ever compensated, directly, or indirectly, for his online fundraising.”

Neither King, representatives of the Grassroots Law PAC nor Alexia Potrero of Potrero Performance Dogs returned requests for comment.
Interesting way to launder money. What’s really shocking is that talcum X didn’t claim the dog was racist.

@Anonymous #D588
Not helping your case.

The fact that it had to be fact checked because it’s believable that Biden would actually do this speaks volumes. Also, you planning to open a drive-in cinema with all that projection?
Anonymous #E9BC
@Anonymous #B6F2
Retards off Facebook believe whatever they see, be it Biden being a ditz or UFOs abducting their pets. Maybe get off your computer and talk to old folk and you'll see how gullible and impressionable they are. Though I imagine you'll just lean into the lies they've been fed to make sure they don't dare vote the wrong way.

As for Shaun King, nobody ever liked that clout chasing piece of shit, and the only reason he's had any power is thanks to Republicans and their religious protection of PACs and general scummy political financing, combined with their incessant circlejerking orgies building crusty cum effigies of literal nobodies to hate on.
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Alex Jones, thank you for helping kill almost all rationally on the internet:

I knew his Brainwashed Cult Followers would be in hardcore Cope mode soon…

Establishment dog hate being reminded that the people they serve are the ones actually doing evil. I do not care for Alex Jones but if CNN or even TYT had to live by the rules he does they would piss themselves covering anything as they have been caught lying and spreading far more disinformation on events. I have no doubt this moron believed them during the Rittenhouse trial and is still in denial about it after everything shown.
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