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I have mainly been playing Stalker mods but I should get around to trying any of the games I haven't played yet, in my steam and gog libraries.
I just recently installed a server-grade HDD, and currently I am moving all my reserve games to it. Just so I don't have to redownload them, since I had very limited space before this.
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I need to give Sunless Skies another chance; I feel like I might have judged it a little too harshly after the soulless grind that was Sunless Sea.

But I'm bouncing between Monster Hunter World, what with the Alatreon update and a festival coming soon (I need my beer mug dual blades!), and CrossCode trying to get a "perfect save" ahead of the upcoming post-game DLC.
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well the grind in skies has been very simplified but not in the bad way

to quote the review video from mandaloregaming "there is always that niche group on a niche game that did like moving rocks between the salt lions"

also the writing and ilustrations,it isnt an adventure if people dont spontauneusly start catching their mouths, tongues and throats on fire by speaking the languaje of the suns
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I want to play games but I'm so tired after work that I just want to veg on the couch untill dinner.

I'm currently playing FF6 on the snes mini.
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Both loving and hating the Waxworks remake so far. Love because it’s fun, hate because FUCK OFF MUTANTS FOR LIKE TEN SECONDS CHRIST.
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I got Code Vein on PS4 yesterday. Gonna see how long I can stay interested in spite of my short attention span before the game slips into my massive backlog of unfinished games.
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I recently finished Subnautica. I'm planing on updating my Starbound mods for another playthrough.
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I used to have a phase of downloading any nes rom on rombay (back when it existed) with a chinese name and trying it out, I've seen weird ass games that way, mostly broken RPGs. One was literally a back port of pokemon generation 3, but with the one song outside of battle being an 8bit rendition of Oh Susanna. The weirdest shit is that the shop in the first town you visit was the lilycove super store, despite looking like a normal shop on the outside, but that wasn't the weirdest part. It had a basement, and there was a full on dungeon, just casually in the basement level of the shop, with no random encounters and Oh Susanna just playing in the background.

The game was called Kou dai bao shi — yin, incase you're wondering.
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