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Why is PUBG’s fan-base typically older than that of Fortnite, overall?  
The player demographics of a game are always the main thing to consider when looking at whether or not a game is successful, and this is no different for PUBG and Fortnite. When looking at player demographics, Fortnite appeals to players aged between 13 and 34. This is while PUBG appeals to players of all ages from 13 to 65. If we look at the different players who play each game, we can see this is because Fortnite is more accessible to all players. If we look at the players who play Fortnite Battle Royale, the most popular type of player is a casual player, and the most popular game type is the Playground Mode.  
So what is PUBG good at and what is it bad at?  
So when looking at the things that Fortnite does better than PUBG, the most prominent one is the accessibility of the game. With Fortnite, it is a lot easier for new players to jump in
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These ALL deserve translations into either English, French, German, or Spanish  
>Segagaga for Dreamcast  
>One Piece for OG Gameboy  
>YUGIOH Battle Breeder Cheess for PS1  
>YUGIOH Duel Monsters for GB  
>YUGIOH Duel Monsters 2 for GBC  
>YUGIOH Duel Monsters 4 for GBC  
>YUGIOH Monster Capsules GB  
>Pokémon Card GB2: Great Rocket-Dan Sanjō! for GBC
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Beauty and the Beast’s ending doesn’t make sense. Belle must have been a furry. No way she would stick with a human.
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The writers originally had an additional scene where when Belle sees Beast as a human, she touches his face and asks, “Do you think you could grow a beard?”
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