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I survived 2 earthquakes today, the first at 10:23 was magnitude 4.8, the largest in NJ history, and another one magnitude 4.0 at 5:59 PM. Let me tell you, there’s a very noticeable difference between the two. There have been 10 aftershocks, but I’ve only noticed the latest and largest of them.
The epicenter was in Whitehouse Station (a rich, white area with fancy rusticness). Earlier it said Tewksbury (an even richer, even whiter area with even fancier volkisch lederhosen and buildings made of cut stone where everyone can trace their ancestry back to the original people who came off the very first ship to land on the continent), but I guess they didn’t want their property value decreased so they moved the earthquake 5 miles south.
I hope this doesn’t become a regular occurrence. Buildings here aren’t made to withstand earthquakes.
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I don’t like sweet potatoes. Regular potatoes are fine, but I’ve always found sweet potatoes disgusting.
A toast - Incredibly based

Princess of Shitposting
This post, which I am making right now, will be my one thousandth forum post on this website.
Therefore, this post right here, that I am making right now, should put me over the threshold for obtaining the coveted Chatty Kirin badge, according to the counter for obtaining the badge, although I might make a few more posts just in case.
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