Big Bad Politics!

Dex Stewart
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained


This is a Trump Caricature.
For some reason, political cartoon caricatures suddenly offend people. We've been doing this for centuries.
At the very least caricatures make people uneasy. I've always loved political cartoons,and found them such an interesting peek into history.
I don't like Trump. That doesn't mean me drawing him in a cartoony exaggerated way means I'm disrespecting him. My favorite president is Carter and I've drawn him a bunch of times(Holding a peanut,even).
I just wanted to vent a bit.
Anonymous #D018
True for him and the guy who played Peewee Herman. However, I don't think that masturbating in plain view is an accurate way to tell if someone is a Jew or not. Ditto by just going by the names.
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