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I feel that ponybooru is the most welcoming place in the brony fandom there rest of the fandom is just a cicle of jerks and snow flakes.
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4chan's /mlp/ is, I think, not bad, if you lurk a lot and have a thick skin. I've seen people say crazy shit there, but I've seen people say crazy shit here too.
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Remember when I deleted all that stuff and got it to 20GB free space despite the fact that I deleted more stuff than that? Well, even after downloading a 500MB presentation that I'm sure will be put behind a paywall by the end of the week (temporarily, I'm going to watch than delete it but I don't have 2 hours at the moment) the computer has decided to grace me with 6.6 extra gigs of free space out of thin air! I don't know where it came from, I don't care, nothing appears to be missing so it's all good. I'm cautiously optimistic. This is short of the 40GB free space I should theoretically have, but it's an improvement and I'll take it.
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