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I got this electric device the other day. I'm surprised in 2021 this is legal in the USSA, since it's not Chinese fentanyl and that's the only pain reliever that's allowed anymore. It shocks your muscles and I found a spot that makes my foot move. A few minutes electrocuting my leg seems to have the same effect as 20-30 minutes of walking around and it makes my leg hurt slightly less. This is amazing. You know they're going to try to ban this because they want us to suffer.
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I just ate the best fried chicken of my life.


Holy crap you guys the white meat had so much grease it was turning orange my balls are like marbles from that meal
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I can't stop thinking about the person I like. My feelings for them come and go, and now they're definitely in a high point. It's overwhelming, since pretty much everything reminds me of them.
Not sure if I should put this in the vent thread or the happy vent thread, but I guess it's on the happier side.
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I didn't burn my garlic bread this time.
it's two in the morning why am i making garlic bread
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