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My ability to comment on YouTube was completely banned by the russian admins! Why the fuck did the USAnians give them the right to control non russian youtube accounts.
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Elon Musk — Con Man

In case you were wondering, here's the lyrics (his accent is thicc):

But I'm a carman (it's a parody of starman)
Earth is my garage,
Ain't gonna risk my stardom for what might be a mirage.
I'm a carman,
Or maybe I'm a god,
Zooming round the planet in my hyperlooping pod.

It then cuts off as he's saying:

Joe Rogan told me,
Keep your rockets smokin',
Don't ever stop your tokin',
Your autopilot's broken.

(Future Elon)
Go to Mars and the future's your-or-ors,
The new race of humans from my bag of spor-or-ors,
In 50 years you'll be able to go outdoors.
(spoken) Lotta terraforming

Ruling Mars, man,
High up on a throne,
I'll be the hottest dude there 'cause I'll be there all alone.

(Present Elon)
Me told me,
Go to Mars, you gen-i-us,
Stop playing with your pen-i-us,
The king without a queen-i-us,
On Mars.

(You can watch the full song here)

It still sounds like he's saying "con man" and that might have been the writers getting crap past the radar.
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I mafe a video going over all the major villains of the Saban era Power Rangers seasons that don't have Lightning Collection figures yet.

Then there's also a Disney Era one.
I have a Neo Saban one coming this weekend.
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