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X-Men ‘97 is going to be as much a continuation of the original show as Kevin Smith’s He-Man was. This is the new Morph. Morph’s entire characterization boils down to being non-binary now.
The left’s weird fetish for putting pregnant women in combat is on display again, it seems. I’m not sure whose boner decided that’s what we need, but since it’s been prominently featured in TLoU2, Avatar 2 and Black Panther 2, I guess it’s an established trope by now.
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As I said years ago, this was DoA, as they can not stop ham-fisting their crap into these shows. The trailer was just jey jangling.
Morph is non-binary to find “themself” and “their” relationship with Wolvering. After being a lady’s man for years, and Logan and Morph were friends, but I would not put it past them to make Wolverine gay.
Bishop needs to find himself. Even though, he’s a time traveler who comes to stop specific events from occurring.
Storm now has to find herself as her new role as a goddess. She’s a mutant, and only known to be a goddess in a small African village.
Scott and Gene disappear. gotta get rid of the straight couple.
My guess Iceman will show up just to come out to the team.
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Honestly i would have loved a proper sequel, but this show looks more like a youtube parody. Low energy, boring expressions.
All over Twitter and of course they shit on the actual fans. Can’t wait for it to fail and then they gonna blame the “bigots” and not themselves.
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

A lot of them have no purpose out of hating people for not loving what they they’re told to, so they need any bit of dopamine and people saying “Bigot” like it means anything today. They all focus more on being piss-ants and only enjoy shows out of spite anymore.
They can’t enjoy anything when people are critical of it. That’s why they get extremely defensive. Crybully perfectly describes them, and from what I’ve heard all there “I hate the Bigot” is pretty much them yelling at a mirror.
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