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The Marines have no trouble meeting recruitment quotas because they cater to the target demographic of testosterone fueled young men who want to shoot people and blow shit up.
If the Army played the Team America commercial with images of cool vehicles blowing shit up instead of disadvantaged diversity hire strong empowered women with 3 disabled lesbian moms they’d have no trouble meeting quotas.
For every 1 trans Muslim lesbian who wants to join the Army there’s 7000 testosterone fueled young men who want to kill people. The Army fails Marketing 101.
Anonymous #F23E in the video, the russians falsely claim that the english language descended from the russian language, and that englis is the barbarian dialect of the russian language.
“the english men borrowed our words…”
“…the degree of the speech apparatus and the level of speech development at the time of borrowing corresponded to the wild state.”, he says, defining the englishmen as wild undeveloped cattle. he blatantly lies that the British copied Russian words - While actually it is vice versa.
Time for me to write long letter to the english nationalists and odinists. The lingustical commission should be created. The goals of the commission are yet to be defined. But obviously it should fight such falsifications, gradually replace french words with saxon words, forbid usage slang. I will be very very pleased to read in the news how a idiotic slang using teenager would be beaten by national lingustics supporters.

The Georgia Guidestones were absolutely right about the earth’s population, but they should have specified it to be only 500 million European people.
Anonymous #F23E
you should compete with the Russians to see who the biggest baboon is. You should host the Olympic Games and compete in your baboon antics.2 mentally retarded nations. And the reward will be a collection of medals like those of Kadyroav’s son or of ROC priest, decorated shoulder marks like those of cossack role players, or bast shoes weaved from hemp fibers .
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Henry Kissinger, the biggest war criminal on the planet, has finally died and gone to hell at age 100. Death has finally pulled the prize from the claw machine.

“He died peacefully at age 100, he’s so owned”
One of the best statesmen of the 20th century. I wish we still had people as competent as him in the State Department today. Calling someone a “war criminal” is the biggest sign of victim mentality and wallowing. War crimes do not exist. The world is better off without the people he “killed”
Anonymous #D018
>”killed” in quotes
>War crimes do not exist.
Says who, really, Mr. Fucktard troll!? Exactly how is calling out someone as a war criminal (including scum like Netenyahu, Pol Pot, and Lazar Kaganovich, Also Jews/Hebes as well as people who are damn puppets like Pelosi, Obama, & Hillary “butcher of Benghazi” Clinton) an admittance of victim mentality and wallowing, anyway? Please, what’s your problem with other peoples, such as those he had a hand in killing? What did Qaddafi, The dead citizens of Aleppo, scores of Palestinians, Lebanese, Afghans, and Kurds happen to have done that makes them worthy of getting killed, huh, and how is the world better off as such? Do tell, Sir Horsefucker Supreme fuckwit, how is such high levels of depopulation objectively good for the world and something that needs to happen, oh headass shitbag? Truly, You are no better than (((Kaganovich))), (((Kissinger))), and Xi in your disposition. I can’t tell for certain if you unironically believe in this pompous, hubristic and tumor-sized egotism, or are just being an edgy troll. Up yours.
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The only way to have any true staying power in the lion’s den (Derpibooru Politics Thread) is to overpower the likes of:
and Penguin_Dragneel, by beating all of them at their own game in regards to the one argument fallacy that they use to derail any discussion when it doesn’t seem to be going their way, every single time:
Asserting that “if the boot fits, then wear it.”
That is LITERALLY their entire modus operandi, when it comes to anyone they significantly disagree with, and it’s behind not only why nearly everyone in this thread loathes to set foot into that more severely restricted toxic waste dump, but also why the exodus to Ponybooru in 2020 happened, to begin with.
The latter likely won’t be able to be reversed, unfortunately, but the former can if any user here is not only able to weather out the bullshit in that thread for a very long period of time, while also cynically operating on their own logic to undermine their smug sense of imperviousness to challenging thought from the other side, and even their supposed own.
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@Anonymous #C258
What’s the point of trying to win the Derpibooru Politics Thread, anyway? It seems like a waste of time, and even if you do win, as soon as you leave they’ll just take it right back.
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I kinda gave up on AaronMK when he said that all leaders (presidentsz prime ministers, etc) are evil and should be killed, and nobody called him out on it.
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