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safe2167210 artist:ponyalfonso50 edit166176 diamond tiara12564 human214097 equestria girls259928 angry35483 bracelet14579 clothes629330 diamond1058 drama bait863 ear piercing42461 earring31360 gender headcanon174 grammar error1980 headcanon2868 image macro39328 jewelry104614 lgbt460 lgbt headcanon339 lgbtq47 low quality bait38 misspelling2789 mouthpiece1889 necklace29966 op is trying to start shit3158 piercing62422 pride4543 pride flag3937 skirt52329 solo1459097 text89878 tiara6965 trans female673 transgender3324 transgender pride flag1176


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Adán Druego
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This is almost the most commented on image on the site!
And they said we’d BEVER be able to do it! We’ll show them.
Remember to bever say bever.
Anonymous #7028
@Anonymous #6CFA
Doesn’t he also have some very specific things to say about Sodomy, Pride and pretending to be something you’re not?
And I believe he has a lot to say on the subject of any kind of sex that doesn’t involve married couples producing children in general.
Anonymous #6CFA
@Adán Druego
you really are an edgy retard, aren’t you? one day you will look at all the time you wasted raging against minorities on the internet with deep regret. i can assure you that God doesn’t think fondly of those who use his teachings to spread hatred.