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Anonymous #CD11
There wasn't a thread for feature suggestions and discussion, so I created it.

State your suggestions clearly. What goal will it accomplish? What's a short summary of a feature? And describe how feature should work step-by-step, including pictures if necessary.

In the future this post will be edited by moderators/admins to include frequently requested features, and how likely that they will be implemented (not likely/planned/currently implementing).

bich ass shitt
SWF emulation. Embedding that will ensure that classic animations and games off of the soviet booru will be able to be seen for years and years to come due to Adobe being idiots and not opening Flash up to open licenses.

So far it seems the most functional emulator is Ruffle, a Rust based emulator that has the backing of Newgrounds already meaning its accuracy is likely to be higher than going for other emulators that might be out there or attempting to make one inhouse.
Anonymous #CD11
Feature Name
Pools are publicly editable (wiki-like) Galleries that show special navigation bar in image page of each image.
Feature parity with danbooru-like boorus. Feature is aimed towards comic artists and comic uploaders, so they could upload without having to manually link pages in the description.
Pools are for comics, image series, and other sequential art. They provide easy navigation between pages, and a highly visible index. Pools are NOT aimed for collection of subjectively picked art, we have Galleries for that.
Pools can be created by anyone, and edited by anyone.
Pools contain images, in specific order (that can be rearranged by anyone).
Each image page of image that's added to the pool will have navigation panel displayed:
[first prev PoolName next last]
Each of those are links. First and Last links to first and last image in the pool. Prev and Next links to previous and next image, relative to current image (pool order apply). PoolName is Pool's title and links to pool page containing ordered list of all images.
One image can be in multiple pools (but it's best to limit max number of pools per image to 2-4, to prevent panel creep).
Also, there should be public logs like in tags (image added to pool, removed from pool, pool reordered).

Why not just use Galleries as-it-is?
Because Galleries are equivalent of "Favorite Folders" from DeviantArt. They're nice, but do not allow public editing and do not display navigation panel. A new type of Gallery (Pool) need to be created.

Why not just use "series:*" or "comic:*" tags?
Pools and tags serve different purposes. Tags can't have specific order, so user can't add page between page 3 and page 4 (which happens quite often in sponsored comics, or when artist adds covers for chapters). Plus they still do not have navigation panel.

Why not just link first/prev/next/last in the description?
Poor maintainability for prev/next buttons (you have to keep track of three descriptions on three pages every time you upload), and utter impracticality for last button (you have to edit every single page). Also, description is not editable by anyone, so you're mainly stuck with it.

But Philomena already have navigation buttons back/next!
Those are not comic navigation buttons, those are search query (or global if navigated not from search page) navigation buttons. e621 also have them, separate from pool navigation panel.

But Derpibooru was fine without Pools for 8 years, why Ponybooru need them now?
Derpibooru was in unique position after closure of Ponibooru in 2012. Bronibooru's rules were too strict (no shipping, etc), and Derpibooru was the only one left. That's not the case now, so feature parity with other booru engines is important. Also, Ponybooru is rather small for now, so this is a perfect time to introduce a new feature without overwhelming moderators and assistants.
e621 and danbooru-based sites have this feature. You can use Galleries as a base for making Pools.
danbooru-based sites call Pools as "purple-colored pools", and call Galleries as "blue-colored pools". Do not confuse them.
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained (8bit Sawtooth)

Glimmy Glams
Feature — Shoutbox — realtime communication right on the site. Not insular like Discord.
The code exists, its 15 years old at least.
Anonymous #44E3
Feature: User Data Request

Description: In the User Account page (currently found at https://ponybooru.org/registration/edit). A user who is logged in should be able to request a dump of their entire personal and user created data stored on the website which can be linked to their profile. This should be output in an easy to understand document like JSON. It will contain email address (but not Password), every text post made (forum comments, picture comments, etc…) with link to the thread or picture, the link to every image uploaded by the user, link to every picture the user has voted on with their vote (up or down), etc…

Goal: an automatic system to generate a JSON or other legible data dump of a user's every interaction with ponybooru… or at least every interaction to which their profile primary key can be used as a foreign key for tables in the database. May or may not include posts made as "anonymous" while logged in.

Important notes:
1. System must be automatic and produce a downloadable file
2. The generated data dump contains only text, no actual images.
3. User password is not included in dump
4. All data for which a user object's primary key can be used as a foreign key in the database is included.
5. Generated document must be well labeled and easily navigable to anyone
Artist -
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Real time chat between two users.

I would prefer this so we don't have to refresh the page when sending private messages back and forth between users.
Anonymous #9A8C
Can we have the artist need and source needed tags highlighted in a different color in the tags

On derpibooru the tag "source needed" and "artist needed" took priority in the order of tags displayed on an image, as well as being colored red.

This draw user attention to the fact that posts need sources and artists to be tagged and encourages users to help do so.

Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Something like blacklist, but in a way that this should simply block possibility of communicating via DM — both parties won't be able to communicate with each other. Profiles should still be visible.
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

I'd like to add (if possible) Derpibooru's April Fool's Day themes. If possible, it'd be great to add Derpibooru ponies by Arifproject as upvote/downvote icon replacement… though this may require permission from the artist.
Anonymous #0F89
Feature request: License information.

Artwork that has the creative commons license for example.
The license states how the art is used if edits are allowed or commercial use is ok.
But also the license states that besides the artist being named the license info itself has to be put with the image too. At least in the form of <CC BY-NC 4.0> for example.

read : https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/

Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made.
Anonymous #BA31
Feature request: Nested filters
Summary: Creating child filters, which inherit filtering from parent filters.
Motivation: Allow users to create personalised filter hierarchies with easy maintenance. For instance, a user might wish to maintain several filters for different circumstances (e.g. a SFW filter to only browse wholesome pictures, and a NSFW filter which they'd only use specifically when they want to view explicit content), while also having certain things always filtered (e.g. some fetish, or a particular artist).

Currently, to adjust their "global" preferences (e.g. if they find a new artist or tag they wish to permanently hide, or if they wish to unhide something they previously hid), they have to edit every individual filter they use regularly. If filters could be "parented" to another filter, they could create a single template filter hiding everything they never want to see, and then create sub-filters or child filters for every individual view they want to have. (Or in the example above, they could simply parent the SFW filter to the NSFW one, assuming the SFW one was strictly more restrictive than the NSFW one). Then, they'd only need to change the single parent filter to update their view when using any of their custom filters.

If this feature was extended, it could even be used to allowed to compose complicated views at will. E.g. one could create a "no anthro" filter, a "no EqG" filter, and a "allow whitelisted artists" filter, and then compose them to create any combination, e.g. "show me neither anthro nor eqg", "hide anthro except for the artists I've whitelisted", etc.
Artist -
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Tag-change notifications on images under your artist tag/images you've uploaded.

There is no way to tell if someone has changed a tag on your image unless you manually check it. Oftentimes people can add incorrect tags to your images and you won't know for months, until you incidentally see that there's an incorrect tag on your image. Oftentimes people are stubborn and will re-add these incorrect tags after you remove them, and once again, you won't know unless you manually check.

As a user with hundreds of uploads, you can imagine that this makes for a very aggravating situation where you either need to manually check every single one of your uploads every x amount of time, or just live with the fact that someone's probably tagged one of your pics with foalcon or rape or some other incorrect tag and you don't even know it.

Being notified when someone updates the tags on one of your images would be fantastic, in order to more easily combat incorrect tagging.
Anonymous #CD11
If it's NSFW Apple Bloom image with filly head proportions and three eye shines, it's still foalcon, no matter how much artist try to say "but she's 1000-year-old vampire!". Usually users fix incorrect tags themselves, and artists do not hold any tag-moderating special privileges. If you want influence, just make clarifying description on source, then users will fix it themselves.
Anonymous #CD11
Guarddogs that revert any changes are known problem in Wikipedia. I don't think that a feature that encourages it is a good idea. There's a reason why derpibooru didn't let artists mess with a tagging system.
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

@Anonymous #CD11
I think this is more for people who possibly incorrectly tag a character they think is in the pic, or decide to change the gender of a pony so it fits what they want to see in an image rather than what it really is (say two ponies kissing, no genitals in the pic, but the snoots are kind of ambiguously-drawn, and one person changes tags from "straight" to "gay" based on what they want to see in the image or something like that).
Anonymous #CD11
That's easily solved with a complex watchlist. Like "(oc:femboy1, female) OR (oc:femboy2, female)". I myself use complex watchlist to know when people are incorrectly tagging "computer mouse" as "mouse".
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Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

@Anonymous #CD11
That doesn't let you see old images with new tags being added/removed. Unless you just don't use your watchlist for anything else, which kinda defeats the purpose. Regardless, I doubt this thread is meant for discussion of features, just suggestions.
Anonymous #CD11
>That doesn't let you see old images with new tags being added/removed.
It actually does, when someone adds "female" to your femboy pic, it will immediately pop up in a RSS feed.
>Unless you just don't use your watchlist for anything else, which kinda defeats the purpose.
That's a valid point, I suppose for now you can use different accounts for that. Multiple watchlists would be a cool feature.
>I doubt this thread is meant for discussion of features, just suggestions.
Re-read text of opening post, it explicitly says "feature suggestions and discussion".
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