Things you used to believe in in your younger days that you don't anymore for whatever reason

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I used to believe that a Nuclear Winter occurring would somehow cancel out the effects of Global Warming.
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I used to believe that websites and texting weren’t going to be a serious thing.
I thought they were just novelties and a childish waste of time. In my defense, many people didn’t use those services, as well as being very primitive and expensive.
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When I was growing up it seemed like most people treated the internet as a supplement to traditional media rather than as a replacement. Advertisements in phone books often had links to websites, but it wasn’t expected that everybody would just bypass the phonebook and go straight to the website. Youtube was for 5 minute cat videos and music piracy, not 3 hour history lectures and political debates. Smartphones and social media changed all that, but gradually over the course of a decade. My parents still subscribed to the newspaper up until the late 2010’s because traditional media often maintained a veneer of ‘respectability’ which helped keep them alive.
There have also been false starts before. Virtual reality gaming has not taken off as much as some people have hoped, and after the North American Video Game Crash of 1983 the idea that video games were a passing fad seemed very much justified.
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I don’t drink, and never have, but I’m gonna whine about wine.
I used to think that wine was a fancy drink for fancy people. That every bottle spent ten years fermenting inside an oak barrel in the cellar of an old manor at the top of a hill. That wine meant luxury, exclusivity, and opulence.
Then I got a job shelving wine at a grocery store. I saw all the hipster brands for yuppies. I saw plastic bags inside cardboard boxes. I saw Snoop Dogg on a wine bottle.
Now I just see wine as a consumer commodity. As glorified grape juice. It’s Bud Lite for women.
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I used to think that USAtoday, Snopes, and most other independent “fact checkers” were invested in telling the truth. Now, no more.
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