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Clutch Cargo is a 1959 adventure series, in the vein of Johnny Quest. It's famous for introducing audiences to Syncro-Vox, the technology that involves compositing a human mouth over static images. It's the animation technique used by Conan O'Brien and Annoying Orange.

Most of the episodes are available in this playlist.
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I'm juds going to put this here, since you can't trust DB to not erase criticism:

Speaking about shera are just so boring, Have you ever noticed who no one ever talks about the amazing climatic battle between shera and Horde Prime. . . _I wonder why.
Not only that. but no one isn’t some stereotypes of it.
Abuser gets the victim.
Grass Hippie
older women wanted younger girl Not creepy
Lazy and waiting for others to solve the problem.
villains that don’t matter.
idiot heroes.
Plot armor thicker then cheesecake.
Very toxic making accusations a They know better despite probably would have never known and especially cared about the original hadn’t been for this remake.

If the show was as good as they believe, they wouldn’t need to put down the original or it’s fans. One thing about the Thundercats 2011, He-man 2003. No fan needed to put down anyone that saw the original. Makes me think who
Doesn’t really feel like inclusion. Feels more like. . . Bigotry against people not apart of their group. Most usually only mention the New show when someone apart of that fandome acts a fool. Like when lot of them What’s left anyways were screaming about the announcement Amazon show as if it was some affront to their religion. If they’re such “fans” of the it, wouldn’t it be a good thing to have more?

I think it wasn’t watched for any reason other then because it was taking something that a fanbase kept alive for other 30 years — mostly women and the LGBTQ they claimed the newer version is suppose to be for, but strangely enough that these new fans, mostly for commissioning Certain art telling them to jump off a cliff(nicest way to put it) as it’s there’s now.

I do want feedback on this. And what I mean is people MUST agree with me on this and hate who I hate because they're stinkyheads! Over a cartoon.
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@Dex Stewart
And you're literally the only one to not disregard a lot of what I say and tell me to kill myself over a cartoon show, 1 out of 5 is not good odds of a community, especially when they tout being "inclusive" which they are as inclusive as a Klan rally.

That's the biggest problem with the show, the fandom. No one is willing to talk about is the very vocal toxicity trying to belittle and abuse the original, it's fans or just anyone they dares speak against the sacred cow. They'll either shut down and expelled or shut up.

That's why I said all of this. They can't fight it, they know it's true and they're evidence of it. As I said Not one talks about the final battle They literally can not stand people didn't like their androgynous teen lesbian with Stockholm syndrome.
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I was never a fan of the original SheRa cartoon (it felt too dated and preachy to me) so when the new SheRa aired, I gave it a chance just out of curiosity.
I didn't liked the new series as a whole (neither the animation style, designs, writing and so caught my interest) so I stopped watching it and moved on.
And that's all what I have to say about the new SheRa, I suppose. If other people liked it, well good for them, but that series just wasn't for me.
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I personally found the show to be ok, it had a lot of cringe it, but some good characters too. The Catra x Adora shipping was so on the nose and both of them were quite annoying to watch. Most enjoyment i pulled out of Entrapta and Hordak.

Story overall had some interesting points, i mostly like the twist that Hordak himself is just a tiny cog in a galactic war.

Like with almost any other show i don't interact with the fandom, Horse is already 24/7 job. So i don't know much about drama that goes anywhere else and i am quite happy with that.

I don't think i would watch it again, but it was worth one.
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That's really the biggest problem I saw, There interesting moments like with Hordak if it was if Hordak didn't become a bitch, allowed Catra to boss him around, get brain-raped only to just remember and be "Redeemed" mostly for that shipping itself.

I imagine the ideas came from Chuck Austin — while the execution was handled by the rest and that's what shows. They cared more for this "LOLZ SO RANDOM" and shippings. There were no stakes to anything since they didn't act like it was unless the plot deemed it to very bland payout.

Like what if Madam Raz was stuck between timelines due to a spell backfiring to see the future? NOPE! She's just a nutty bitch! LOL!

What if Sea Hawk knew they were resistance members and allowed them to win arm-wrestling to get the war started? NOPE! He's just a sissy and everyone has more nodical knowledge then him. LOL!

What if Kyle was an agent for the resistance and gave him information? NOPE! He's just a useless bitch that everyone picks on! LOL!

What if Scorpia wanted to secretly get rid of Catra and did so by getting real close and even trying to crush her? NOPE! She just wanted to molest her. LOL!

What if the Horde was a threat?

@Dex Stewart
Was better then most of that Nick Jr. stuff.

@Color Anon
That's still kind of the problem. You can't dislike it to them. If there wasn't such push-back to criticism of it… Well, it would probably not really be talked about.

I always tell people to go look at the initial Bible of the show. All the stove they tout the show for, where nowhere in it. Showing it was a massive Bait n' Switch to make it shera in name only.
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@Color Anon
Because. You can just say "I think this show isn't good" and move on. You get inundated with vitriol from them.

I even seen some tip-toe around their dislike of the show, just to not get flak — which usually doesn't work since you're only allowed to love it. Again, all over a cartoon show.
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