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Big Bad Politics!

Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Beard of Beards
Trump is pulling half the US troops out of Afghanistan.

The US has been directly at war in Afghanistan since October 2001 and has unofficially been at war there since 1979 when the war pigs had to fund the Jihadis to keep the "evil" moderate godless Russians from building dams and hospitals, because how dare they raise the standard of living of people living in the stone age!

I pray this is true. Trump is the first president in decades to not start new wars and to end wars his predecessors started, but the war pigs have been trying to stop him. The TDS crowd creamed their pants over the treason in Syria when the war pigs refused to actually end US involvement in Syria and lied about the troop withdrawal there. Millions of people have TDS so bad that they jerk off to kids being blown up in foreign countries because orange man opposes blowing kids up.
Dex Stewart
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Hopefully Biden doesn't put troops right back in. I keep hearing about "we need the troops here because of this and that."
Don't you guys have your own military?
I'm legit surprised we aren't sending troops to Mexico,they're a hell of a lot closer.
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Beard of Beards
Because it takes 2 weeks to get a paperback on Amazon and it was 2 weeks to the election I opted to just have the kindle version of the book. Had I known the election would keep going for a month I would have definitely put out the paperback version. Maybe I will.

卐 1488 卐
Yeah, but those gains were offset by his massive losses among white men.

I believe Trump would've won a second term if he had not completely ignored and neglected white male voters.
Anonymous #564C
Even biden has win it dont meant trumpism end it will continue like the division and i fear that this the beginning of the end of the usa and democracy
Adan Druego
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

@Anonymous #564C
Actually, blacks are bringing about an end to civilization, not conservatives, Trump-supporters, racists, normal people, cis-gendered people, Christians, heterosexuals and other normal people.
Officer Hotpants
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Duct tape samurai
Don't you love it when people speak for you? And I'm still waiting for an explanation of the legal basis for outlawing the entirely legal practice of boycotting when directed against a specific (and FOREIGN) group.
Humble Oriathan
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Is it true? Were we lied to and brainwashed by a tyrannical government into believing that turkey and mashed potatoes were adequate foods for a traditional holiday feast?

Anonymous #D018
@Officer Hotpants
@Humble Oriathan
I mean, he's right. Thanksgiving food sucks. The only good parts are the rolls and the pumpkin pie, and the latter gets fucked up as often as not.

He's saying Thanksgiving is like a "religion" and that its somehow a form of brainwashing in those tweets of his. Yeah, right, as if he has the final say as to what is brainwashing and what is not because "everything I say is right". Thanksgiving is not something one is coerced into at the point of a gun or sword in and of itself. He's bashing American and in other tweets, white cultural traditions, framing them as being inherently oppressive. Fucking liar.
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