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Look who I ran into!! Poor girl’s had a busy day so I’ll be treating her to some tea and cupcakes!
safe2109099 derpibooru import1434289 li'l cheese767 pinkie pie254920 twilight sparkle351973 twilight sparkle (alicorn)143686 alicorn400266 g417205 the last problem7878 colt18996 ethereal mane11680 eyes closed127230 female1571745 foal38762 freckles41686 grey hair451 jewelry99131 magic91197 magic aura6892 male467613 mare849487 mother and child10898 mother and son3820 nuzzling4739 older34816 older pinkie pie955 older twilight3016 parent and child14247 ring6038 show accurate16077 trio16853 wrinkles327


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