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Look who I ran into!! Poor girl’s had a busy day so I’ll be treating her to some tea and cupcakes!
safe2198361 artist:princess.book.horse.x12 derpibooru import1566061 li'l cheese817 pinkie pie264447 twilight sparkle364824 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148776 alicorn417165 g476214 the last problem8167 colt19815 ethereal mane12700 eyes closed134523 female1653815 foal44283 freckles45208 grey hair509 jewelry108195 magic95496 magic aura7538 male495721 mare894169 mother and child11706 mother and son4038 nuzzling4924 older37021 older pinkie pie1013 older twilight3268 parent and child15289 ring6784 show accurate17162 trio19221 wrinkles359


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