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sooo hows NNN going for you?
suggestive181380 artist:moonatik1377 derpibooru import1434289 princess luna116840 trixie79374 alicorn400266 pony1797538 unicorn632033 2 panel comic1899 alternate clothes404 clothes606502 comic125689 crown33962 donald trump342 eyeshadow24692 female1571745 great and powerful242 jewelry99131 kamala harris3 makeup33804 mare849487 meme91482 missing accessory11163 necklace28472 necktie9855 news483 no nut november329 nonstop nut november2 ponified48332 ponified meme1813 regalia30747 speech bubble36228 suit8277


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Anonymous #DCF2
No one is trying to force anyone to stop fapping.
But for many people, fapping is like booze is to an alcoholic that doesn’t know they’re alcoholic. They think they have the habit under control. That they can stop any time they want to.
NNN, is a challenge to prove that you in fact CAN stop when you want to. You don’t have to swear off fapping for good. Just prove that you can do it for a month. Or even just a week.
If you take the challenge, you might just learn something about your own limitations.