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(No description on original)
safe2077635 artist:ciyunhe50 derpibooru import1389504 applejack197985 fluttershy253189 pinkie pie251928 rainbow dash273906 rarity214569 starlight glimmer58964 sunset shimmer78935 twilight sparkle347820 horse4104 pony1771378 chinese3738 featured image304 female1544609 mane eight151 mare834149 octet7 running7429 traditional art135645


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I guess I'm a failure.
@Smudge Proof
Did it? I only see an even smaller 1280x511 version, though that does have much less jpeg compression.
I kind of like the art, but it can’t really be appreciated from such low quality images.
Feather Sky

FlutterPony is best Shy
The original drawing’s name is Eight Chun map, which shows the eight horses owned by King Mu, one of the emperors of the Zhou Dynasty in China.
I can’t describe how surprised I felt when I saw this one and it even got featured. :D