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Original Description:
Like a queen..  
Hello everyone, I hope you like my new drawing, I put a lot of effort into drawing her as cute as possible.  
And I’ve been drawing it for days and I don’t have the calculation of how many days it was.
safe2204063 artist:empress-twilight131 derpibooru import1574225 princess celestia116756 alicorn418352 pony1878408 cherry blossoms925 chest fluff64796 concave belly2548 crown35995 cute254456 cutelestia4112 ears47821 eyes closed134961 feathered wings1320 featured image343 female1659041 floppy ears69071 flower39090 flower blossom751 flower in hair12362 flowing mane3939 jewelry108837 mare896804 partially open wings1539 peytral6633 regalia33524 slim1249 smiling402685 sniffing1183 solo1487412 thin3194 transparent mane217 walking7391 wings223558


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