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safe1980104 artist:aleximusprime1825 derpibooru import1255282 spike88280 oc843689 oc:barb the dragon18 oc:buttercream the dragon80 oc:scorch the dragon8 oc:singe the dragon8 dragon101380 adult2847 adult spike1167 arm behind back7594 chubby16407 curvy7910 cute227206 dragon oc1504 dragoness11244 family photo390 fangs33627 fat26403 fat spike484 female1468889 flurry heart's story368 hand on face222 hand on head2357 hand on shoulder508 happy37698 male431208 non-pony oc1376 northern drake8 older32125 older spike6216 one eye closed39061 open mouth197977 open smile15899 simple background515154 sitting78291 smiling334024 spike's brother4 spike's family77 spike's sister3 spread wings73763 standing17278 transparent background244320 wings179230 wink29397


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