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safe2192043 artist:aleximusprime1991 derpibooru import1557021 spike94001 oc961469 oc:barb the dragon25 oc:buttercream the dragon102 oc:scorch the dragon18 oc:singe the dragon17 dragon111404 flurry heart's story452 adult3264 adult spike1365 arm behind back8576 chubby18239 curvy9479 cute252683 dragon oc1852 dragoness13048 family photo438 fangs39973 fat29313 fat spike532 female1647794 hand on face332 hand on head2719 hand on shoulder660 happy43385 male493716 non-pony oc2297 northern drake16 older36840 older spike7059 one eye closed44851 open mouth234671 open smile29205 simple background599427 sitting91215 smiling398361 spike's brother11 spike's family100 spike's sister13 spread wings90756 standing23503 transparent background271848 wings220783 wink32693


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