A little sketchy gift art for kinky rainbowdash because why not.
I love their character tight fit. She’s such a cutie with her soft pouted lips and boots that allude to possible soles and toes.
Soft, helplessly ticklish soles and toes >:3
suggestive188970 artist:caroo967 oc956021 oc:tight fit50 anthro369158 plantigrade anthro50665 arm behind back8504 blushing271912 bondage46580 breasts384419 clothes635698 collar47017 feet53288 female1637685 femsub12106 fetish56466 foot fetish12122 pale color364 soft color1751 soles6837 stocks1676 submissive18831 tickle roller83 tickle torture3203 tickling6038 toe tied777 toes9089 uniform15872


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Anonymous #F4AE
Disgusting fans be Like oh Kinky Normal fans Including me That’s fucking gross