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Uploaded on Monday, November 21, 2022
Sixth Derpibooru 2023 Community Collaboration vector/gift for BluDeuce! 😁💙
Drawn all base free, minus the nostrils and eye sparkles. 😊
^~also two ponyloaf uploads in a row cause why the heck not~^😜
safe2026930 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan636 derpibooru exclusive32513 derpibooru import1317197 oc870590 oc only557008 oc:blu deucee3 pegasus613065 pony1728514 .svg available9516 2023 community collab769 :d1615 absurd resolution70708 adorable face1693 blue1516 cute231912 cute face237 cute smile149 derpibooru community collaboration4901 folded wings11578 freckles38978 green777 green eyes10740 green mane692 green tail160 happy38919 heart63008 heart hoof777 highlights902 inkscape2382 kneeling11690 looking at you227785 lying down32681 male442311 movie accurate1495 no base56 ocbetes6330 open mouth204297 open smile18023 pegasus oc26919 ponyloaf555 prone30613 shading3328 simple background532887 smiling345235 smiling at you17709 solo1359958 stallion151843 stallion oc201 svg4544 tail66338 tongue33677 tongue out131104 transparent background249548 underhoof63505 vector83964 waving3820 wings187253


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