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Uploaded on Monday, November 21, 2022
Sixth Derpibooru 2023 Community Collaboration vector/gift for BluDeuce! 😁💙
Drawn all base free, minus the nostrils and eye sparkles. 😊
^~also two ponyloaf uploads in a row cause why the heck not~^😜
safe2181970 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan699 derpibooru exclusive36313 derpibooru import1541677 oc956021 oc only609039 oc:blu deucee4 pegasus671373 pony1859828 .svg available10348 2023 community collab774 :d1737 absurd resolution73399 adorable face1850 blue1614 cute251267 cute face307 cute smile185 derpibooru community collaboration5618 folded wings15431 freckles44477 green818 green eyes12872 green mane987 green tail278 happy43065 heart72088 heart hoof781 highlights1093 inkscape2589 kneeling13327 looking at you260719 lying down42795 male490404 movie accurate1657 no base56 ocbetes6923 open mouth232619 open smile28281 pegasus oc33138 ponyloaf687 prone33702 shading4029 simple background595154 smiling394682 smiling at you27626 solo1470162 stallion173948 stallion oc424 svg5184 tail89237 tongue47471 tongue out144867 transparent background270528 underhoof68729 vector88528 waving4269 wings218354


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