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Image imported from derpibooru 
Original Description:
her majesty ☀️
I thought it was about time I drew another pony, thought I’d go the extra mile and do a fully rendered painting and I loved the result
safe2077631 artist:nire281 derpibooru import1389503 princess celestia111340 alicorn394502 pony1771374 butt104119 crossed hooves2496 crown33359 cutie mark59436 eyeshadow23749 female1544606 freckles40569 grin55408 hoof shoes7626 horn208505 jewelry96460 large butt28663 lipstick15062 looking away4950 lying down35531 makeup32584 mare834146 mole472 prone31437 puffed chest144 regalia29905 simple background552967 smiling360830 solo1395861 wings196830


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