I just realized that her smolness might imply she's not in the top tier of goodest pones.
This was a grave oversight. I have issued a correction and will be calling my statisticians mean names until they feel bad.
safe1753934 alternate version48850 artist:2merr208 ponerpics import4742 applejack176895 fluttershy221252 pinkie pie224216 rainbow dash242515 rarity189144 twilight sparkle307872 oc711382 oc:twosday39 earth pony463141 pegasus518669 pony1499753 unicorn504127 :)254 applejack's hat9081 best pony1328 blob ponies258 clothes484594 cowboy hat17342 dot eyes383 drawn on phone808 drawthread2752 female1281263 frown23660 graph144 hat90250 long pony332 lying down18867 mane six32965 ponytail18464 simple background424042 size difference15745 smiley face1284 smiling266004 tall436 tiny hat38 twilight is not amused1392 unamused16216 weekday ponies85 white background127293


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