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safe1960828 applejack190943 earth pony533097 pony1673647 applejack's hat11613 blonde4129 blonde mane11235 blonde tail3703 clothes556229 female1452637 freckles37364 gay pride flag496 green eyes10122 hat105998 homophobic2 mare784577 orange coat12383 pride3177 pride flag2664 smiling328390 solo1312744 text77101


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@Anonymous #1084
Why yes, my dear anon, it is strange. In the interest of keeping things consistent, I find it most sensible to dislike both of those groups in near-equal measure. And I'm nothing if not consistent.
Anonymous #429E
Applejack is not homophobic and why would everyone think that? Is it because she’s a southern girl and she supposed to be racist against non ponies? Absolutely not because she’s nether of those things and it’s not her character to do so and if Applejack is real and saw this post she would be disgusted by this!