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Originally posted on: Jan 26 2021
safe2167213 artist:the-dark-mangaka394 derpibooru import1520185 fluttershy263344 oc948180 anthro366134 pony1847121 wolf2734 anthro with ponies3157 barely pony related7729 computer8169 computer mouse611 controller3297 ear fluff48201 ears44139 female1623989 furry7506 gala dress5337 hfh7534 indoors6770 keyboard1550 mare877952 monitor978 n63 obligatory pony6448 plushie30610 pokémon10791 video game5917 wings215139


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Adán Druego
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The Fluttershy plushie alone makes this image a welcome sight.
I don’t know much, if anything at all, about furries, but that’s a cute little Flutteshy in her gala dress.