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Some notes:
MARC (Magical Anomalies Research Center) - analogue to TerraGroup from russian game Escape from Tarkov.
Gardarike - analogue to Russia in MLP universe.
safe1982707 artist:syntiset53 oc845094 oc only540985 oc:syntiset14 pony1692031 unicorn587360 ankle boots42 anti fragmentation glasses4 armor27377 bags156 balaclava101 belt7718 blood type6 boots27075 camouflage756 clothes564365 escape from tarkov30 eye clipping through hair9886 glasses77583 goggles16298 happy37758 headphones9704 helmet13363 horn196787 looking at you220571 male432100 medical bag8 medicine222 microphone7025 military2086 military uniform1723 pants18738 patch481 plate carrier31 pony oc857 radio693 reference5016 reference sheet15544 shoes47664 simple background516153 sketch75330 smiling334869 smirk15345 solo1329278 tourniquet8 unicorn oc21397 uniform13300


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