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Some notes:
MARC (Magical Anomalies Research Center) - analogue to TerraGroup from russian game Escape from Tarkov.
Gardarike - analogue to Russia in MLP universe.
safe2181968 artist:syntiset53 oc956021 oc only609039 oc:syntiset14 pony1859830 unicorn659517 ankle boots50 anti fragmentation glasses4 armor30592 bags166 balaclava110 belt9071 blood type6 boots31108 camouflage878 clothes635696 escape from tarkov40 eye clipping through hair13125 glasses87821 goggles18008 happy43065 headphones10955 helmet15380 horn233064 looking at you260719 male490404 medical bag9 medicine243 microphone8222 military2526 military uniform2309 pants21531 patch541 plate carrier36 pony oc1486 radio797 reference5784 reference sheet18119 shoes56091 simple background595154 sketch84731 smiling394682 smirk17279 solo1470162 tourniquet12 unicorn oc27880 uniform15872


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