Artist's comment:
when u get to equestria

special thanks to my man @Axleartsmlp for coloring this, what a rad guy
safe1659554 artist:axlearts45 artist:hattsy484 color edit7361 edit126085 pinkie pie215609 oc654469 oc:anon12066 earth pony433250 human153737 pony1416628 blushing192022 cute190029 diapinkes9330 exclamation point3605 female1205313 hand8469 happy29755 heart46680 heart eyes15467 imminent hugs19 looking at something2458 looking at you162115 male336975 male pov6946 mare655280 open mouth141303 pov13404 simple background392629 smiling241491 white background118547 wingding eyes21146


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