My friend and ghostwriter flabbyfurry wrote a WG story involving Luna and Twilight, and I liked it so much that I just had to illustrate it. This isn't super accurate, as Twilight is supposed to be wearing a dress, but I'm still pretty happy with how it turned out.
questionable108164 artist:lordstormcaller110 princess celestia92063 princess luna96259 twilight sparkle284924 alicorn208022 anthro237350 unguligrade anthro44104 unicorn274933 belly25735 belly button70578 big belly9400 bikini16595 bra14629 breasts249825 busty princess celestia9517 busty princess luna6371 busty twilight sparkle10909 chubby13073 chubby luna4 chubby twilight137 cleavage31711 clothes418774 dialogue60927 diet69 expansion780 fat20661 fattening53 female917274 females only11879 fetish35833 hands on belly38 illustration278 light blue background12 looking at each other17237 muffin top682 overweight353 pants12781 short pants48 simple background350848 story illustration3 sweat23965 sweatpants276 swimsuit25944 tight clothing2261 trio7483 trio female1057 underwear56615 weight gain3791 wide eyes16135 word balloon230


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