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ponybooru collab image 2023 edition

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Hey everyone,
With the site’s third (yes third) anniversary coming up, we decided to announce the collaboration image.
The idea is pretty simple. Everyone draws an original character (no canon characters of any shows, not even ponifications) in a standing pose on a transparent background.
Then, we (staff) stitch it together to make a big picture with everyone on it. You know the concept.
However, there are a few rules:
Your character must be drawn in a pose that would be feasible for them to have in a crowd/group. This implies that the background needs to be transparent.
Your picture must be strictly safe in nature
Your picture must not be political in nature. OCs that are political are allowed, as long as you wouldn’t be able to tell that from the picture alone. So, if you draw, say, Molly Tov in a gorgeous red dress that covers her cutie mark, it will be allowed. Do note that ponified IRL political figures are not allowed, no matter how you present them.
Your picture must be strictly MLP related. There’s a lot of stuff on site that skirts rule #4, but for your picture to be accepted, it must clearly be MLP related. Certain canon species might be excluded (if it’s not a species that makes you think “MLP”. Abyssinians for instance are way too niche to be included). Diamond dogs need to be recognisable as their species. We need to take one look at the picture and think “diamond dog”. If the thought process is “this is a furry oc… wait, I think it might possibly be a diamond dog” you’re already past the point.
No canon characters, at least not as the main focus of the image; kinda defeats the purpose (plushies and merch are allowed). We haven’t decided how we feel about semi-OCs (i.e. original/alternate interpretations of canon characters) yet. We might have to decide on a case by case basis (for instance, “fluttershy but she’s raptor” would be allowed, while “Lyra in a tux” wouldn’t count as an OC)
Try to avoid submitting other people’s characters unless they are alright with it. “Public domain” OCs like Dyx, Anon Filly, or the political compass pones are a bit of a different story. Just make sure no one else has plans to draw them, so we can avoid doubles.
If you’re unsure about if your picture would be allowed, feel free to ask us here.
You can even anonymously submit a picture (as long as you’re the one who drew or commissioned it)
Note that we would prefer it if you got/made a picture for the occasion, but if you really want to reuse your derpi collab entry, or if you want to submit a picture you’re particularly proud of, we won’t stop you.
Grouped entries are of course allowed, but please keep in mind that the picture will have to be integrated into a larger crowd, and thus we ask you to keep your mini-group reasonably shaped.
The soft deadline is Monday, August 14 and the image should be done around the end of august.
To enter, simply tag your picture
ponybooru collab 2023
We apologize but we are not accepting anthro submissions.
Dex Stewart
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Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

I’ll get to work on it later, if someone could help me with removing the background I’d appreciate it, I have problems with that.
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Anonymous #A932
I won’t join this year because I think this site is not worth using anymore.
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Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Get my rope...
“Public domain” OCs
Just make sure no one else has plans to draw them, so we can avoid doubles.
I propose a cluster of anonfillies in the corner or bg
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Boot badge - It's Bootiful
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Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

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Libertatem Noctibus
I wouldn’t mind joining if anyone could draw my OC. She’s a bit complicated and my shitty scanned pencil sketches probably won’t look legible enough for it. :)
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Twilight Kirin - A user who has reached a combined 1000 forum posts or comments.
A toast - Incredibly based

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Princess of the Moon
Yeah, it would be nice if there was a list of artists willing to do commissions for this. I suppose that’s a downside to having a smaller site. I don’t even know how many of the artists in the commissions tab are still active anymore.
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