Dupe and Broken Image Reports for Anons

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Rather than collating these in a thread, you might be better off reporting them for 'other' and explaining that the image has failed to process. Those reports go directly to the mods/admins and are usually cleaned up pretty swiftly.

That said, if people feel like posting these here I'm not going to stop them. It still helps.
Anonymous #78F4
Old Upload:

New Upload

The new upload is 720p, the old one is 1080p.

Old Upload:

New Upload:

This one's trickier. The old upload is larger, but the color information is messed up and over-saturated. I really don't think both need to be kept, but I don't know which way would be best to merge.

That's fair. I only brought it up since the artist had them merged over on Derpi and you have to good eye and a decent display to see the difference easily.
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