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Well hey, since were introducing ourselves.
Im Luzion, pronounced like illusion but without the ‘il’  
Been in the fandom since S2 of FiM but never really interacted or made any impact in the fandom until recently.  
Just recently started getting kind of active with my youtube channel (just dumb memes and stuff), and now moderating ponybooru. If you ever wanna ask me any questions or whatever feel free.
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Bae > Bay
I’ll do this, why not.
Since 2002 or 2003 I’ve been first Senor Dee and since 2006 Urban Mystic Dee. Perhaps you’ve heard of me. Funny story, I think it was AOL or whatnot, I tried to get “SenorDiablo” but that was taken, so I settled for “SenorDee” and everyone started calling me Dee and it just stuck.
I’ve been a troll/shitposter online since 1999, because until right now I’ve always been out of the loop and couldn’t stand the smug people I met online. Y’all are pretty cool.
I single-handedly revived a dying message board called “The Foamy Fanclub” twice and got no recognition for it, while boot-licking toadies were promoted to mods.
I became a hermit in December 2005 and in two years maybe saw five people. I tested the world’s religions scientifically and became a Christian in 2008 after living most of my life as an angry, bitter atheist anarchist.
From 2006 to 2012 I did youtube videos about history and philosophy. I stopped getting new subs and views so I stopped making content. Last year I got a bitchute channel and have begun migrating a few good videos over there. I hope to make new content eventually.
From 2010(?) to a few years ago I was on another message board that I will not name. It was full of extreme-far left cultural marxist art school students and was run by bitter, man-hating lesbians. The one good thing to come out of that experience was that I was introduced to FiM, which I watched and became hooked on immediately. The first three seasons and the first two Equestria Girls movies were truly magical, as was my time spent at Bronycon in 2013 and 2014. Those events will live in me forever.
I’m a veteran of the 2015-2016 Great Meme War, which culminated in staying up 60 hours straight (toward the end of which I started hallucinating), writing a 20 page treatise on why Trump should be president, and fulfilled one of my life’s goals of voting for the person I’ve wanted to be president since 1999 and simultaneously defeating the Clintons who made my family poor by sending all the good middle class factory jobs to China and Mexico. It was the happiest day of my life. I’m currently expanding that 20 page treatise into what I hope will be a roughly 150 page book that I want to self-publish before the end of September.
I’ve written two books, I’m writing three more right now, and there’s another I’d like to get back to sometime in the future. I hope to start self-publishing soon. I may be crazy, I may be an alien, who knows, not me. I do know I have never met anyone remotely like me before, and am very lonely as a result.

Aspiring Kyle
Keeping this vague for obvious reasons…
I work with things involving programming and science. I am an advocate of open source.
When MLP first became popular on the chans, I was interested. I was involved including in several IRL groups, but it fell apart as the show got worse and the normies moved in. I limited my involvement to looking at plot until the Derpidisaster happened and I started posting here.
I used to be on the left, but I realized they wanted to kill me, so I moved to the hard right and started fighting the left. Stalinists and Leninists are OK - they hate the Trots too.
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Guess I might as well make an introduction since I live here,pretty much.  
I’m an artist. Not particularly good at ponies,though. I created this cute little pony,Fargate.  
She was inspired by the same events that led to the creation of this wonderful site we’re on now.  
I post stupid Power Rangers jokes alot. I also like to use this obscure meme:full  
I’m a generally happy person. If I say something like “Bisexuals are fairy tales” or “Don’t insult Nazis,you don’t want to look intolerant,do you?” It’s safe to assume I’m joking. I’m still bitter about Derpi…
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I guess I’ll do this for real now, since my first post was a little anemic.
Hey I’m acres. (I do bullet points BTW) Edit: there are no bullet points.  
I’ve been a fan since 2014.
I actually started off by making fun of the show with my friends. Then one day, out of pure curiosity, I watched the season 1 finale and before I knew it, I had watched the entirety of season 2 and half of season 3. I was hooked and disgusted in myself.
I used to watch new episodes on my phone inside my family’s barn so I wouldn’t get caught. The cats liked the show too.
This site is the first interactions I’ve had with other people in the fandom and I’m still learning how to not be an jerk to other people.
I also became a moderator in 2021. Probably because of my weird obsession with tagging horse pictures.
Other than that, this place needs more Lyra.
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Level 26
Better late than never!
Greetings to the once and future readers of this fine thread. I exist to play video games, browse ponies and not much else.  
Used to browse Derpy, didn’t use a user until recently. When this all started I kept track of everything. Found this site, pretty much exclusively on here now.
I use the tag DerpMuffin or DerpMuffin96 on other sites/PSN. If you add me leave a msg you’re from here, I have bad encounters with randoms. used to be on the UK of Equestria if you know that site.
I am an 9 year vet of this fandom, been here since October of 2011. I first saw MLP in avatars by users on the Crash Mania forum almost a year prior. Fully joined after watching the “You’re gonna go far kid” Rainbow Dash video. Top comment was like “Guess I gotta watch this now.” Took it’s advice and never looked back.
It’s nice to meet you all, and I can’t say how sorry I am/how bad I feel about the massive split we have suffered. But it is great to meet all of you who have taken refuge. Here, hide from the storm. Welcome home!
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I am Lastonio of Vallengard, but I will answer to “lasty”. Always lower-case. I was born thousands of days ago, the fourth of nine children in my litter and one of only two uneaten by predators, on the high seas during a squall. No boat, just floating out there. Thunder roared, but not nearly as loud as my mother as she birthed me into this world. Nor as loud as my father, because my mother was squeezing his hand really, really hard. I hurt them both, but am remorseful about only one.
In my early days, I would wander the world. Of course, I thought that only entailed my backyard and the park behind it. They were very early days, as such I was quite stupid. And what I explored, I conquered. The jungle gym was mine and the swing set soon followed. A would-be usurper, a bright-eyed idealist called Marshall, as I recall, rose up to challenge my authority. But no amount of being called a poop-face could topple my regime. Following his insurrection, I sent a sympathy basket containing flowers, candies and Marshall’s nose to his mother.
High school saw me train hard, not to conquer lands but the universe within myself. I sought the mountains to meditate on existence and its antithesis. But I lived on the plains and so settled for the top of an apartment building who didn’t bother to lock their roof access. It was there that I discovered that it was cold that day and went home to play Mario Kart. And its antithesis.
In college, I decided college was lame and dropped out of college. This granted me freedom of time, which I spent working at Arby’s. While still amassing a large debt, somehow.
At age 27, I began my brutal training under harsh conditions in order to hone my body and soul. All in preparation to defend the world against the demon king who shall one day rise to devour the guts of all the good children. The duel will be the fifth hardest of my life. Please, Gods, may I be equal to the challenge.  
Plus, I peed in my high school’s auditorium. Off the balcony into the lower seats, it was hilarious.
In my 30’s, I struggled with my research to discover a method by which I could transform the then-useless force of gravity into cheap fuel for automobiles, or “cars”, as they’re known to some. I also studied how to transform into a Super Saiyan. To date, both goals remain elusive.
When I was 52, I lost my father to a drunken UPS driver. In a poker game.
At age 68, I spent the entire year eagerly awaiting my next birthday. I did the same for age 70.
At 73, I challenged Death Itself to a game of chess, which I won easily. It turns out that millions of years of committing serial reap leaves little time to learn board games.
At 72, I figured out how to de-age by a year, but only once.
Age 79, I first saw My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. By far, the hardest I ever came.
At 86, the magic fairy Vulriel appeared before me, her beauty so radiant, I feared my eyes would burn out. And her hotness so hot, my pants would be torn asunder by my boner. She bestowed upon me the gift of a spell, which would bind the winds themselves to my wishes. I need only pull her finger, she said, and hot winds would blow.
At 111, I bade farewell to my horrible, gossiping, judgmental neighbors and left my house with the lawn on top.
At 138, I totally touched a boob, for real, it was super-rad. She was all about it, too. You don’t know the girl, though, so don’t ask her about it. Even though it way happened.
Now, as I approach middle-age, I come here to share in the wonders of controversial horsies with all of you.
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déanaim seitreach
I began watching MLP between seasons 2 and 3. First episode I saw was “Hearth’s Warming Eve”, and I was totally hooked immediately. Even though the franchise veered away from what it was at that time, there is still something in it that can’t be found elsewhere.
Also; I require my ponies to be, well, ponies.

In real life, I am just a temporary guest in a bizarre world.
A toast - Incredibly based
Chatty Kirin - A user who has reached a combined 1000 forum posts or comments.
Fried Chicken - Attended an april fools event
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Pizza Protogen
I’m 22 and I’ve only watched MLP for 1 year and an half. I haven’t watched all the episodes but I finished Season 8 & 9. And I love the ship with Gallus and Silverstream.  
also is there a thread about what to put tags on about an image?  
I’ve been on the site for almost 2 months.
Artist -

Good evening from Malaysia! It’s HorsesandMuchMOAR from Derpibooru, and I’m an ethnic Chinese man who loves to create fictional worlds and lore.
I think this website seems to be the “right-wing” version of Derpibooru, since it might be the opposite of Derpibooru’s leaning towards left-wing causes (like banning offensive art): for this reason, I would like to go there to hear some suggestions on what would my artistic works be like if they had a right-wing influence like in the anti-SJW movements. Since “right-wing” to me is more to do with “preserving traditional culture”, I think I would like to share some mythology-themed art for you to enjoy. I’m also considering setting up a “worldbuilding thread” like the one on Derpibooru, so any artists here can share their worlds with me.
I’ve also created a website featuring a lot of lore and worldbuilding, known as the “Rabydosverse”, and several languages of my own; if you’re interested, you can check it out here and here .
I’ve also noticed that many of my Derpibooru uploads are transferred to this website, and unfortunately, many of them go unnoticed. Is there a way to show my artworks for people to leave comments and upvotes? I’d be glad to find some fans.
Here are some of the pictures I drew:
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Half Dragon, Half Meme
Welcome! I hope you enjoy this silly lil place!  
As for the art, Sapphie set up an importer to run once a day and at the start of the site we mass imported all images from derpi. So just about every image on derpi is here, excluding DNPs. There’s also a few images here you won’t find on derpi and it’s more then just the lovely Nazi horse. Regardless of your opinions, I hope ya have a nice time here!
@Dex Stewart  
I made most of them~
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