The Covid vaccines.


I know, most of you think the vax isn’t safe. But believe it was rushed because they wanted to save the elderly. I however, truly belive the vax is a weapon to cull us “Useless eaters”. A first step to distory the western world’s economy. Thus killing billions of people in the emerging world.
The former PFIZER VP, a warning to us all!!
Onces more.
More Vaccines means more infections.
And A interesting documentary about strange blood clots after the vaccine.

@Dex Stewart
Dr. Michael Yeadon, a fromer VP of Pfizer, lost many opportunities and was cancled after he started questioning the vaccine. He can not be found in big tech controlled social media.
Dr. John Campbell, was exmtramly pro vaccine starting in 2020 to early 2021. But after peer reviewed reasearch that were contrary to the pro vaccine movements, most of which rarely shown in the MSM, many others in the medical community started to demonize him. And all he really does is read the medcial studies and put them in pleb language so people like me can understand it.
The point I am making is, don’t trust or distrust content from any source, but judge the material with you own research.
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