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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA suuuuuuuuuuuuuure. Such a notion is not a complete lie actually. Where did you hear that it wasn’t, Jordan Peterson, Mormon (((doctrine))) or Catholic “””””“spiritual teachings!?”””” TCH! fuck that.
Here’s a lie: Moses, Muhammad and Jesus existed, and are TOTALLY not catastrophic hoaxes upon the world.
Anonymous #4411
@Exhumed Legume
You are not a hypocrite regarding what you’ve posted in the threads where you post from your favorites threads Especially not the NSFW variant. You also are knowledgeable as to what I was talking about.
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Attempting the No Nut November is an excellent idea and contains healthy benefits.
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The capital of Nevada is Las Vegas.
Oregon’s capital is Oregon City, in Washington County.
Its state tree is the Douglas Fir, which, contrary to popular belief, is not a fir but a hemlock.
The state fruit is the apple, and thus the state beverage is apple juice.
Exhumed Legume
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The national animal of Finland is reindeer,
the national bird is wood grouse,
the national flower is waterlily,
the national insect is dung beetle,
the national fish is pike,
the national dog is Karelian bear dog,
the national tree is downy birch and
the national instrument, since 2006, in honor of Finnish metal bands in general and Lordi’s Eurovision win in particular, is bass guitar.
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