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Anonymous #F6E0
I have modern handguns. A Smith M&P .40 with night sights, Detroit PD surplus, is in the nightstand, loaded with 180gr Gold Dots. But I am starting to get really into Single Action Army/Peacemaker types. There is a distributor exclusive from TALO, a stainless Ruger Vaquero with 3 3/4” barrel in .44 Magnum, for which I have a gun-boner. It’s absolutely impractical as anything but a range toy, but I have practical guns. I have a Romanian AK, twenty mags, and a few thousand rounds of Russian steelcase ammo for TEOTWAKI. Shooting the SAAs is slow, contemplative, and soothing. It’s too bad .44 Mag ammo or even components is unobtainium right now.
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