Derpibooru Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Relief Thread


Man, I used to be a furry before FiM but haven't associated with the furry fandom for about 10 years, and from the sound of things a lot has changed and don't know if I could stomach it any more
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I was fortunate enough to figure out a long time ago that everyone's dumb when it comes to politics, myself included. None of us is an unprecedented genius who's going to individually solve something that entire civilizations and billions of people have bashed their heads against to only tiny effect for thousands of years. Especially when the solution, if there even is one, is likely not actually within our power to employ yet.

This is true.
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"Pedophile." Apparently, I'm a pedophile for… somehow "allowing" Aryanne to be created and tolerated. God DAMN I wanna just strangle some people.
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Don't ever let fake leftists convince you that your not pure enough. I strongly recommend reading Exiting the Vampire Castle by Mark Fisher, a landmark essay about capitals subversion of left thought to turn it into a tool of division instead of solidarity.
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God DAMN I wanna just strangle some people.

And that is how radicalization happens. :D TSP's secret plot is revealed! By pretending to fight nazis with their criminally moronic methods, they were just trying to push people into a murderous rage so they'd go out and kill anyone saying they're anti-nazi! They were the true nazis all along! (not that that's news, at this point).
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this is very based

as a dirty leftist i can confirm we have a terrible toxicity issue and fucking atrocious optics at times, and i really don't blame people for having a bad impression of progressives
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I know that feeling. I used to consider myself a leftist as well, but recent events have pushed me more towards right-leaning communities. Ended up actually listening to some of their points (since they weren't flung at me aggressively), and now I'm a simple centrist. only on the L/R axis tho, I'm anarchist trash on the other axis
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@Officer Hotpants
No, but seriously. My experience with furries is that they're one of the most hostile "communities" (to stretch the term so thin that it's transparent) to be found online. And the two fastest ways to turn them rabid are mentioning politics or religion. You might as well have painted a target on your head, handed them a gun and dared them to pull the trigger while insulting the clashing colors of their water-headed fursuits.
I like to bring up some history of what happen in Furaffinity and the Foxler situation years ago on what was the cause of their own downfall..

Also the furry conventions turned out to be run by sexual predictors/child molesters, turned out to be resentful nerds that abused their power the moment they gained it. Eventually became hyper-political leftist shills and attack dogs, drove out and attacked anyone that wouldn't toe the line. They've ruined their industry the same way the people over at DC and Marvel ruined comics. These people are a cancer on the body politic.

I wasn't expect the Bronies community of all places to fall into the same fate as this. Knowing the MLP fandom was inoculated against communism. The Cutie Map season 5 two part opener that explained in the simplest terms why communism/socialism fails:

"if you try to make everyone equal at everything, then everyone becomes equally bad at everything."

Kinda' reminded me of Harrison Bergeron, really. Also, the main fanfiction website, fimfiction(.)net, is so pro-free speech, authors that delete comments are met with suspicion. Especially when their story has pages and pages of "comment graveyards". There's a reason why you'll find so many people with MLP avatars commenting on right-wing channels: The "comment graveyard" authors are very reminiscent of progressives/SJWs. It's a big red-pill moment when you see people that can't accept any sort of criticism, constructive or not. Reasoning the furry community really despise the Brony community.

However I wrong, after the BLM movement and a article hit piece that accelerate this division within Derpibooru and force people to pick a side. All it done was exposes knee jerk policy changes, backstabbing, corruption, cowardness, lack of communication, biases towards certain views and ideology. Over their long term health for the site and community that in it. I just don't see Derpibooru lasting long with the people that are behind it.

What funny is it turns out that bullying in schools actually served an important societal function. Namely keeping these … people, from getting out of hand.
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Well, I took a look at that leaked Admin chatlog and I can't say it was a good experience.
I mean, I know the staff was shady, super biased and held lots of personal grudges, but I wasn't expecting something that deep and screwed up.
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I still grieve for Derpibooru

FFS, I am still speaking on Derpibooru trying to build support to the least insane proposed options

It's still really unpleasant to lose that community whose comments were every-so-often additional source of joy on top of the pictures.

It's simply stupidly inconvenient to lose access to everything in one place (yes I knew even years ago that it's not "everything" but when it's so big a percentage it feels almost the same).

And even Bad Things that sometimes happened and rumored abuse of privileges — well it did not touch you if you're mostly just looking.

I just simply can't let go. I spend time on Derpi forums arguing which I never did before. I spend a huge amount of time following info in general. It's unhealthy but It's hard to even think about just letting situation degrade, not salvaging what could be otherwise salvaged.

And the fact that community is shattered scares me. Pony Tumblr was big and while active artists found other places, community did not survive.

This is not intended as doomsaying but I am really uncomfortable with what is happening and what is seemingly to come (and no, censorship on Derpi would be only the part of the problem).
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@Anonymous #FAB5
Accept the situation and salvage what you can, laugh at the exceedingly retarded shitshow derpi has become, and move on to greener pastures. No need to be glum, just have faith that things will work out. This isn't the first time this fandom had a major shitstorm like this, and it probably wont be the last.
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