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I sometimes think about what animals, especially pets, think of technology. Does a dog sticking its head out a car window have any comprehension of what a car is? Is it a giant animal to them, do they have no idea what is happening, or do they know what a vehicle is on some level? Birds have figured out how to manipulate door sensors, so it is possible for animals to understand the concepts involved in technology.
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Sometimes I think about Tim Pool’s bald head and how he would look much better if he just accepted the fact that he’s bald instead of wearing that stupid hat 24/7.
Cereally, he thinks wearing a hat is a disguise. As Johnnie Cochran says: “I was thinking last night about this case and their theory and how it didn’t make any sense and how it didn’t fit and how something is wrong. It occurred to me how they were going to come here, stand up here and tell you how O.J. Simpson was going to disguise himself. He was going to put on a knit cap and some dark clothes, and he was going to get in his white Bronco, this recognizable person, and go over and kill his wife. That’s what they want you to believe. That’s how silly their argument is. And I said to myself, maybe I can demonstrate this graphically. Let me show you something. This is a knit cap. Let me put this knit cap on (Indicating). You have seen me for a year. If I put this knit cap on, who am I? I’m still Johnnie Cochran with a knit cap. And if you looked at O.J. Simpson over there–and he has a rather large head–O.J. Simpson in a knit cap from two blocks away is still O.J. Simpson. It’s no disguise. It’s no disguise. It makes no sense. It doesn’t fit. If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit. “
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