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Yes, but only when I’m not on the road  
I’m gonna be honest, I’m kinda retarded  
Yes, but I haven’t touched it in months
Pennsylvania but I’m a truck driver so I’m in other states more often. I’ve actually been in Wyoming for 4 months.
Rainbow Dash
Anonymous #AAE8
If Hasbro made official bake good from the series, what would they release?  
Were Changelings the only characters to have their poop physically on the screen and do they poop?
Anonymous #D081
Why “OP is a cuck”? “OP is a cuck” is a bad tag name because it:  
  1. Uses a buzzword that died in 2015.  
  2. Doesn’t even make sense in the context of what it’s supposed to be used for.  
    If the desire is to copy “duck”, “fuck” is better (i.e. “OP is a son of a whore and sodomy; an abominable mistake”) because it’s being used correctly (well, more than “cuck” anyway). Or even better, “OP is a faggot”, i.e. “OP is a loud and obnoxious twat” (like me :3c).
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@Anonymous #D081  
Cause it takes derpi’s stupid “op is a duck” and calls op a cuck. It’s funnier than “op is a fuck”  
“Op is a faggot” works as well, but we already have a great spoiler image for “op is a cuck” and it cracks me up every time I see it
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I like strawberry cake, with actual strawberries on top. Also German chocolate is really good.
By figurines, do you mean things like the little plastic dolls you get on wedding cakes? Cake toppers?
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