How come people don't like my art?

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Because some people make shitty art then add a mouthpiece to it, then convince themselves that any criticism to it is a criticism to the mouthpiece, so they never improve.  
Also being a rigid asshole obsessed with being perceived as politically correct will stiffen people in so many regards. Watch as the “””“racist”””” artists who have fun with art are so much better at it.  
The shinning exceptions do shine thru, though.  
Also, are you some dude who took the name before he could? Because if so kek, good going.
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Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Updated clown license
Because it gets tiring to see all the negative politic stuff irl on cute family-friendly ponies, I mean you make cute art but uh.. How do I say this without sounding like a retard… Imagine waking up on a rightful day, you open Twitter and see 7k of tweets about the same thing
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If you are really the Dilarus, then why are you here? Since you just told ye guys on twitter to stay away from this very site that tries to promote more freedom of post.
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I don’t dislike your art. Some people just really really don’t like mouthpiece style art. Since ponies don’t exist, I have absolutely no problem with how people use them. It’s all imaginary in the end. It’s a little girl’s cartoon! The ponies exist in our hearts.
I think the reason why is it clashes with something they want out of art, usually an escape from politics. The most common rallying cry I’ve seen is basically: “Leave your politics at the door and out of my hobby!”
But, well, filters exist. Make your own and use them. That’s all I can say. But you can’t really stop people speaking their mind.
Oh, this isn’t Dilarus. Oh, well, I’ll post anyway.
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Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

dilarus you draws cute ponies!
but as a libertarian/centrist (not important, just wanna put my views out there.) it kind of turns me off when you post about politics all the time or go to twitter and be; ‘haha look at people on derpibooru being stupid for having their own opinions and not agreeing with me’.
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

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And he’s too busy trying to get this site shut down, along with all of the other alternative boorus.
Which of course, won’t happen, and of course, he’ll blame on this spectre of racism that seems to be in his vision at all times, no matter where he looks.
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>find dilarus’s art a while ago  
>oh this is a cute art style i like it  
>a few months later starts using them as unbearable mouthpieces  
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