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Artist’s comment:
This is one of my projects that I wanted to do.
I hope it receives your support, it will be a very long comic
Synopsis: Rainbow Dash bets her entire team’s butts against the rival team to prove they are the best… One match later, now they have to pay up.
questionable145703 artist:ribiruby924 oc967444 oc only617067 oc:ruby big heart239 human221147 comic:wondersluts7 equestria girls264751 g480850 :o6397 areola29934 belly42780 belly button110447 big breasts125978 blushing276691 breasts390385 clothes645126 comic130258 comic cover1056 confetti2638 context in description178 cover3617 cover art1675 cow horns478 embarrassed15402 embarrassed nude exposure3054 equestria girls-ified13179 exhibitionism13201 eye clipping through hair13668 eyebrows20232 eyebrows visible through hair10125 female1659041 hair over one eye12775 horns10907 huge breasts58124 humanized125404 impossibly large breasts23117 nipples240631 nudity524244 open mouth236894 shirt40989 shirt lift3820 shocked9672 shorts19856 shrunken pupils5675 soccer field250 solo1487412 solo female236624 sports shorts1664 wide hips31125 wondercolts785


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