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Updated version of 3301965 (Feb 14, 2024), some shadow tweaks and additions. Still not good enough at this, but oh well.
Description from the old upload:
The benches we’ve sat on!
Happy Pale Blue Dot day!
Cooked up a vector drawing of our favorite best friends in the last minute, basically digitized a very old sketch of mine. Hastily done but I’m satisfied with the result atm, might update it sometime later.
Didn’t like my attempt at vectoring the bench so I borrowed one along with the background from anon’s upload here: >>2516781. Bon Bon’s cutie mark traced from hawk9mm’s version here >>144719. Lyra cm is my own old trace from an old book cover, it doesn’t really match up with the actual cm but I prefer using it on my art. [upd.: Right, I forgot, I also use character palettes made by Egophiliac, couldn’t find them on Derpi and her DA is deactivated so [shrugs].]
Also it’s hard to tell, but I’ve finally got around to try some shading, did it very subtly but eh.
Original sketch:
safe2166261 artist:anonymous2960 artist:hawk9mm194 artist:pink amena14 derpibooru import1518813 bon bon19216 lyra heartstrings34897 sweetie drops19215 earth pony599047 pony1846339 unicorn653798 g452735 belly41094 bench3666 duo127599 female1623081 horn226548 lesbian119899 lyrabon4057 shipping248312 vector88156


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