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Two nightmares come true! Nighmare Rarity and Midnight Sparkle teaming up! Can you imagine?!
Many thanks to… who continues to bless me with these wonderful commissions!
safe2146004 artist:inuhoshi-to-darkpen1142 derpibooru import1488058 midnight sparkle2981 nightmare rarity3416 rarity220027 twilight sparkle356855 alicorn407115 pony1829254 unicorn645895 equestria girls257234 antagonist1917 black wings53 blue eyes12576 clothes620362 commission111503 crown34628 cute246805 digital art29168 ethereal mane12049 eyeshadow26054 fangs38365 feather8090 female1604025 flowing mane3528 flowing tail2292 gem8509 gradient background25025 happy42170 hoof shoes8104 horn217632 hug36555 hybrid wings415 jewelry102552 lidded eyes42418 long horn1097 looking at each other31883 looking at someone12630 makeup35485 mare867393 open mouth226142 open smile25730 peytral5948 purple eyes5325 purple mane21726 purple tail990 raised hoof64533 raised leg33208 regalia31630 smiling382907 smiling at each other2212 spread wings86426 starry mane6428 starry tail572 tail82389 teeth18907 unshorn fetlocks42857 villainess290 winghug3663 wings210362


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