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Original Description:
Story ––
Spitfire - So, Newbie let me also show you the Co-Captain of this place
RD - Ok
(Spitfire pulls Soarin)
Spitfire - This is Soarin, He is also like a baby-brother to me
Soarin - I’m not a foal, so don’t call me baby-brother….
Soarin looks at Dash
He makes a sheepish face
Soarin - Oh Hey
RD blushes
RD - E-erm… H-hi….
Spitfire looks at them in a confused situation
safe2031119 artist:thunderspeedyt33 derpibooru import1323038 rainbow dash269182 soarin'15587 spitfire15303 pegasus614647 pony1732166 base used28407 clothes578328 female1504890 male443607 mare811738 shipping232953 soarindash5546 stallion152426 story included11252 straight162483 trio14956 uniform13910 wonderbolts headquarters88 wonderbolts uniform6742


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