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Glass Sight the genius unicorn - now rocking a kitty costume! :3
This was made for me once again by the wonderful artist Cushyhoof, and I’m pleased as punch with how it turned out! ♥️
safe2026931 artist:cushyhoof57 derpibooru import1317197 oc870591 oc only557009 oc:glass sight177 pony1728515 unicorn601820 animal costume2619 blushing245460 cat costume276 clothes576943 commission99475 costume35410 cute231912 eyebrows12933 glasses79376 heart63008 heart eyes21198 high res53468 horn202404 looking at you227786 lying down32681 ocbetes6330 prone30613 simple background532887 smiling345235 smiling at you17709 solo1359959 transparent background249548 unicorn oc22901 weapons-grade cute3859 whiskers486 wingding eyes29515 ych result30626


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