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Glass Sight the genius unicorn - now rocking a kitty costume! :3
This was made for me once again by the wonderful artist Cushyhoof, and I’m pleased as punch with how it turned out! ♥️
safe2181970 artist:cushyhoof104 derpibooru import1541677 oc956021 oc only609039 oc:glass sight183 pony1859828 unicorn659515 animal costume2920 blushing271913 cat costume304 clothes635700 commission115427 costume38333 cute251268 eyebrows19301 glasses87821 heart72088 heart eyes24349 high res63570 horn233064 looking at you260726 lying down42795 ocbetes6923 prone33702 simple background595154 smiling394684 smiling at you27626 solo1470165 transparent background270528 unicorn oc27880 weapons-grade cute4038 whiskers565 wingding eyes35231 ych result35588


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