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Image imported from derpibooru
Original Description:

November ‎16, ‎2020-January ‎5, ‎2021. A little late to call this a 2020 piece, but most of the work was done that year.

Art originally posted through my Patreon. For $1 patrons get to view personal art one month early, and exclusive WIPs and sketches, and for $3 they gain access to the PSD file.
suggestive136003 artist:king-kakapo1148 derpibooru import751430 applejack167115 human151376 black underwear3487 bra15206 breasts260332 busty applejack9501 cleavage32720 clothes442576 cowboy hat14646 evening gloves8054 fingerless elbow gloves647 fingerless gloves4287 freckles28033 frilly underwear4171 gloves18904 hat81503 humanized98805 long gloves5343 looking at you157508 lying down13170 panties48900 patreon12429 patreon logo8781 ribbon6594 sexy26606 socks61424 stetson4873 stocking feet466 stockings31559 thigh highs32469 underwear58580


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