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Here’s a drawing for Prompt #10, Draw a pony feeling out of place / Draw a pony feeling right at home
In this fanart, even tho it doesn’t seem much, it represents how Misty felt home with the rest of the main members of G5, and pretty much formed this group version of the Mane 6.
safe2192043 artist:blackblade36044 derpibooru import1557021 hitch trailblazer14255 izzy moonbow22586 misty brightdawn9060 pipp petals21908 sunny starscout22629 zipp storm17737 pony1868466 g580367 atg 2024492 blue coat25693 blue hooves42 brown hooves34 colored hooves11171 colored pencil drawing2089 female1647794 gold hooves138 hooves25462 hooves together790 irl77059 magenta hooves1 male493716 mane five1405 mane six (g5)905 mare890942 newbie artist training grounds8844 orange coat12809 paper4596 photo92232 pink coat32749 purple coat16482 purple hooves60 rebirth misty3433 royal sisters (g5)2384 siblings24483 signature42636 silver hooves19 sisters20318 stallion175222 traditional art141462 unshorn fetlocks45956 white coat41829 yellow coat25567


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