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I thought about redoing the lettering on the underwear like I did for Trixie, but could not think of anything to replace it with so I left it. I tried to make the earring look like a miniature variant of the Siren gem. I noticed that her nipples seemed to have the impression of piercings so I emphasized that and made it a tag. I like how she came out.
Edited with permission.
suggestive187404 ai content11440 derpibooru import1518813 editor:masterdarhil36 machine learning generated18067 sonata dusk16760 equestria girls259791 g452735 bed57681 belly button107516 black underwear4438 breasts380812 cameltoe11285 clothes628920 ear piercing42408 earring31319 erect nipples15755 eyeshadow26807 female1623081 jewelry104508 leggings3114 long hair7432 looking at you257392 makeup36405 midriff24008 nipple piercing7918 nipples234733 on bed7876 photoshop4132 piercing62355 ponytail25189 pose8359 prompter:sammykun345 recolor5474 sexy39578 smiling389676 socks90370 solo1458404 sonata bust2294 stupid sexy sonata dusk332 sultry305 sultry pose3517 thigh highs53547 underwear79987 wide hips29834


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