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Sbike in G5


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Anonymous #5454
Really irritating how the show keeps backtracking with G4. First they want it to be that everyone is gone, now they go “Lol, they were here the whole time. Why? …I dunno, but here they are!”
Don’t know why any of the creators thought that getting rid of the key characters in G4’s world without a genuine lore-rational reason in a series with (let’s be real, a LOT of lore), was a good idea. They couldn’t just make a generic new world for their sloppily written goofball characters; that would take too much creativity apparently. It might seem like a snobbish take, but there ARE people out there that don’t like it when a well-written, well-designed, and well-thought out world is brought to mediocrity because another team doesn’t want to care about what was done in the past and yet insists to play around with its legacy.
And yeah, this design is just a genuine shame. At least his expression perfectly summarizes the state and existence of G5 as a whole.